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This software is for Acorn and compatible computers running RiscOS. Yes, I know that sounds obvious, but I have actually had mail from PC users who can't work out how to install this software on their computers or asking why it won't run. If you have never heard of Acorn or RiscOS, or don't know anything about their machines or the operating system, then try those links or some of the others on my home page to find out more.

Any of the files here may be downloaded and used by anyone. Each package contains a documentation file giving details of copyright status and any policy on further distribution.

System Requirements

[SA compatible] All of the software here will run on any Acorn computer with RiscOS 3·0 or higher, and is fully StrongARM and RiscOS 4 compatible. RiscOS 2 is not supported: if you are still using this then both Acorn and I strongly recommend that you upgrade to at least RiscOS 3·10.

All of the files here are in archive (SparkFS) format - don't be confused by the ".bin" extension, this is just to ensure that the web server sends them with the correct data type. You will probably know all about how to download the files and what to do after that, but if not you may wish to read the information for beginners.



Draw Plus (version 2·50, 208K)

[New!] To view files from DrawPlus (or any other Draw-like application) on Linux or any other system that supports Qt, try DrawView.

Now available as open source, see the information and download page for more.

An object-oriented vector graphics program intended as a replacement for Acorn's Draw (which is supplied with every Acorn machine). It can do most of what Draw can do (apart from undo, yet - watch this space) and much more besides: layers, libraries, object locking, user-defined line patterns, a much-improved user interface, etc.

Now with full support for JPEG objects (including creating and saving), and improved font handling. The application can use as many fonts as are installed on the system, and the saved default font (in drawing files or in the user's preferences) doesn't change when system fonts are changed.

Full instructions and documentation are included as a text file; see below for an Impression version.

If you found this page via a search engine and have never heard of Acorn then you may have been looking for something else entirely. Or you may think the name sounds familiar, in which case it probably does. Please read this disclaimer.

WinIcon (version 1·10, 34K)

A utility to convert icon files intended for Microsoft Windows into Acorn sprite format. Currently understands 16-colour icons as used by Windows 3.XX (.ICO).

Finder (version 1·30, 487K)
Updated !RunImage (version 1·31, 38K)

A desktop utility for searching lists of data. Comes with several data files including UK telephone dialling codes and postcodes, US zip codes, vehicle registration marks etc. It can be extended by adding new data files.

To run on newer machines or operating systems (RiscOS Select, Iyonix etc), download and unpack the 1.30 application. Then download the replacement 1.31 RunImage file, copy it into the application directory, rename it to !RunImage and set its file type to FF8 (Absolute).

ImpCompr (version 1·10, 9K)

Uses SparkFS to pack Impression documents (the original application-directory format) into compressed files. This makes copying, renaming or backing them up a lot easier, as well as saving disc space. Even though most of the Impression family can now save documents in a single-file format, ImpCompr still gives a substantial saving in disc space and allows Impression to save memory by paging out unused chapters or graphics to disc (which it won't do for single-file documents).

SpriteFix (version 1·20, 45K) [Updated]

How many times have you tried to display a sprite file (or a drawing file which contains sprites), only to find that some of the sprites are defined in non-standard screen modes which you don't have on your system and so the sprite doesn't get displayed? SpriteFix will fix up the odd modes so that the file can be displayed on any system: it is easy to teach it about new modes even if you don't have them installed. It can convert sprite files and also Draw, DrawPlus, Vector or Poster files and libraries.



Manual for Draw Plus (384K)

This is in Impression format (with pictures), which prints out as a 54-page A6 booklet. A plain text version of the documentation is included in the DrawPlus package above.

Drawings & Other Files


Raphael Robinson's Tiles (DrawPlus/Vector library, 10K) [New!]

This library contains a set of shapes (48 in total) which can be loaded into DrawPlus or Vector and used to build up regular square patterns. Which is not as easy as it may sound: the shapes will cover any area, but never in a regular pattern, and finding an appropriate tile to fit gets progressively more difficult as more and more are placed.

See my Robinson's & Penrose's Tiles Page for more information on the tiles, how to use the library in those applications and some examples of the results.

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