DrawPlus - Disclaimer

You may think that the name "DrawPlus" sounds familiar, maybe even identical, to a similar product supplied by a more well-known software publisher. But before so kindly informing me of that, or contemplating any other action, please read the following (also included in the download documentation):
This software has no connection whatsoever with any commercial, introductory, demonstration or shareware application with the same or any similar name produced by Serif Inc. for DOS, Windows or any non-Acorn system. No part of DrawPlus was copied from, based on, derived from or even inspired by any Serif product or any part or feature of it. The name "DrawPlus" has been in established use to denote this Acorn application since 1991. Any threats of legal or any other action regarding copyright or trade mark infringement will be ignored.

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Last modified: Sat Jan 21 10:11:15 GMT 2006