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The RiscOS Drawing Package

[New!] To view files from Vector (or Draw, DrawPlus, Chameleon, Poster or any application that uses the Draw file format) on Linux or any other system that supports Qt, try DrawView.


Vector is an advanced object-oriented vector graphics application for Acorn machines and compatibles running RiscOS, mostly compatible with Draw (using the same file format and with a similar user interface) but with many new and powerful features.

The screenshot below shows a Vector drawing window (running under RiscOS 3·7), with the toolbar, status bar and rulers displayed. All of the standard Draw objects are available: in addition, there are others which are specifiec to Vector (although files including them can be exported in a Draw-compatible form for use in other applications).

Click on any of the graphics for a high-resolution full colour (and patent-friendly) version.

[Drawing window]
A Vector drawing window (53K PNG)


This is the toolbar. It can be hidden or shown with a single keystroke, and while hidden all of the tools and options are available from the menu or with keystroke equivalents.

The toolbar: Select does this - Adjust does this (33K PNG)


This is the status bar, which again can be hidden or shown or controlled from the menu or by keystrokes.

[Status bar]
The status bar (11K PNG)


There is not enough space here to describe all of the standard and special objects supported. But this diagram shows an example of all of them - of course, it does not show all of the effects that can be achieved!

The full repertoire of Vector objects (110K PNG)


The application includes a library which can be used for storing standard symbols, graphics, or clip art. The library is independent of any drawing: objects are stored in it simply by selecting them from a drawing and assigning them a name, and an object can be pasted from the library into the same or even a different drawing with a single click. The library can be saved (with its own file type) and reloaded when required.

The library window (13K PNG)


Special Features

There are far too many features to give a complete list here, but some of the main ones are:

Version History

There have been a number of versions and upgrades of Vector since its initial release. In general, upgrades are available from 4Mation for registered users.

System Requirements

Vector requires a minimum of RiscOS 3 and 2Mb memory, but of course is fully compatible with RiscOS 4, Risc PC and StrongARM. It supports high resolution and 16- and 32-bit colour graphics, background printing, font kerning, etc. Version 1·5 supports long filenames. On RiscOS 3·5 and later, dynamic areas are used to improve performance and to allow Clares' Virtualise to be used.

RiscOS 3·5 requires !System to be updated to fix a bug with the colour picker. An update (which can be applied with !SysMerge) is included on the Vector disc and with the demo version.


Demo Version - Download

The downloadable demonstration version includes a restricted Vector application (with all of the facilities available apart from saving and printing), a !System update (required for RiscOS 3·5 only), and a number of example files showing the facilities available. Download Vector demo (version 1·55) 425K SparkFS/ArcFS archive [Download]

Full Version - Available from 4Mation

The full Vector package (two discs and a 100 page colour-printed manual) costs approximately £60+VAT; this includes a free site licence. As well as the Vector application, the package includes a full set of sample files, libraries, examples and tutorials. Also included are a !System update (required for RiscOS 3·5 only), a patch to correct a problem with certain versions of Snippet, and a standalone file conversion utility.

There is no disc-based, limited install or machine ID protection, and a key disc is not required after initial registration.


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