Downloading and Dearchiving

This information is intended for new users who may be unfamiliar with the process of downloading files or getting them into a usable form. Experienced users will probably know all of this already.

This advice is naturally biased towards users of Acorn machines. To handle archive files on PC machines, use PKZIP or WinZip. To manipulate Spark archive files on Unix machines and some others, use nspark.


To download the file simply use your browser to download it to your local machine. How to do this will depend on which browser you are using, although you should be able to do so by simply clicking on the file's icon or name (you may need to hold down Shift while clicking on the icon). In almost all browsers, a standard file save box will appear from which you can save the file to disc.

If your Acorn machine is not directly connected to the Internet then you will need to get the file onto it via another medium. The best way of doing this is to copy it from your Internet machine onto a DOS-format floppy disc. It is important that the file gets downloaded and transferred without any changes whatosever; some points to watch are:


Once you have got the archive file onto your Acorn computer then you will need to use a dearchiving program to extract the individual directories and files within it. There are a number of these available: After you have installed and run a dearchiving program, the downloaded archive file should appear with an appropriate icon (looking like this [Image] if you are using SparkFS or SparkPlug, or [Image] for ArcFS). If this is not the case then set its file type to DDC (for SparkFS or SparkPlug) or 3FB (for ArcFS). Then simply double-click on the file, which should open a directory display showing the contents of the archive. Select all of the items (in the same way as in a normal Filer window) and drag them to another directory display: this will copy them out of the archive, decompressing them in the process. When this has finished there will be a copy of the application on disc, which you can then run in the normal way.


All of the information on this page regarding the various archive programs is my personal opinion only. It should not be taken as authority on the facilities or features offered, distribution conditions, price or availability of any product.
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